APEA small bistro on three wheels. Street food for your wedding and not only… Bring it where you want, to give a special touch to your event and promote your products. The Apecar is fully customizable and can be set up as you like to suit the theme of the event. The possibilities are endless, here are some ideas, but the only limit is your imagination … you choose

The Appetizer (l’APEritivo)

The bee can become a small bar ready to serve the appetizer: Prosecco, spritz, alcoholic and not-alcoholic cocktails and some snacks to accompany these drinks.
Would You get married in Sorrento or Amalfi coast? our appetizer is an optimal and nice idea when it comes to entertain guests, for example during the exit from the church after the marriage celebration. Among signatures, best wishes, photos surely everyone will be happy to sip something cool, starting with the first toast!

The ostricaro’s corner

For those who want to give a classy touch to his wedding in Sorrento … just a touch and the Ape car turns into a mobile street fish shop, where can be served oyster opened on the spot accompanied by a glass of prosecco.
A high impact welcome for your guests or more ideas for a rich buffet.

Cocktail bar

Ape Cocktail
Ready to pull the trigger? Here’s cocktail bar on three wheels, ready to serve cocktails and drinks.
In this case behind the Apecar’s desk there will be a professional bartender.

Tavolo Cubano

E’ una delle ultime tendenze durante gli eventi: offrire una selezione di rum, sigari e cioccolata a fine serata. E allora anziché farlo su un anonimo tavolo perché non allestire l’ape Bistrot con tutto il necessario per il dopocena? Cubane (e cubani!) solo su richiesta!

Cakes Buffet

Sweetness on three wheels: the Apecar can become a small street bakery to deliver sweets and candies or hot fried and sugared stuff on the spot. The Ape Car can also be used to deliver favors, a nice way to greet guests.

Chestnuts and Vin Brule (mulled wine)

What could be more romantic than a wedding in the winter season? Chestnuts and mulled wine to welcome your guests while waiting the arrival of the bride out of the church or at the end of marriage celebration . An original way to distinguish and make unique this special event.

Tiny brioches with ice-cream

A nice way to entertain guests at the end of the reception before the wedding cake. Small croissant with ice cream of various flavors. To end on a sweet note and surprise!

Buffet of fruits

An idea stylish and never banal to offer to its guests the day of your wedding or at grand openings and special events. Especially when you consider the precious taste of seasonal fruit in Sorrento. And then why not, let’s introduce it in an alternative way with a food truck like ours?
Tell me what you want to realize with the Apecar Bistrot