The Bistrot 1799

One summer afternoon I was walking through the narrow streets of the historic center of my beloved country.

I casually reached Piazzetta Croce and I thought, that in this place steeped in history I wanted to create something new: a Parisian bistro revisited in Italian style. .

That’s how the Bistrot 1799 was born: bohemian atmosphere, vintage place and attention to details.

Good food good drink

A simple menu, well-kept, traditional but contemporary, combined with an charming selection of wines and beers for a lovely journey through the taste of Italy till overseas discovering new flavors.

Specialty of the cuisine is the “trick”, inviting set of small appetizers to share, good for a drink or an appetizer. And then there are some excellent meats such as picanha and cuberoll, the ribs of delicious smoked pork, carpaccio, salty crepes, fried paccheri, meatballs born from the imagination on the spot and even more.

An ever-evolving menu and behind the seasonality of products

Time table

  • All year round
  • Dinner: from 7pm to 12am
  • For reservations: +39 339 814 2500

Starting this year, our tables are all under a covered porch and repaired!


Bistrot is located in the center of Vico Equense, exactly in the Typical square Santa Croce (saint cross), that you can reach by a pedestrian alley. (see the map)

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